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The parquet finishes enhance the natural grain of the wood or reproduce elements of the flora or fauna, so as to be ideal for enhancing environments of any style.

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The essences to choose from for your Parquet are diverse and thanks to our unique solutions available in our showroom, even home coverings become elements of great design. The finishes of the Parquet enhance the natural veins of the wood or reproduce elements of flora or fauna, in such a way as to be ideal for enhancing environments of any style. The great care and passion with which our Parquet is treated guarantee a good aesthetic result and maintain over time the original characteristics of the best woods used. Parquet gives domestic floors a specific effect of warmth, hospitality, and charm: they combine expressive materiality, great aesthetic value, and durability. From the most intense to the most subtle shades or unique design tones, Parquet is now offered as a very versatile, functional, resistant, and aesthetically valuable covering. The available formats for the planks are many, as they must adapt to rooms of different sizes: our solutions are versatile decorations to be applied through professional installation methods.


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